About Us

Chuck Buck, CEO of Buck Knives


"...The ChristianOutdoorsmen are amazing, 200 people to Christ in just one night.  We were happy to be a part."  CEO Buck Knives

Russel Thornburry


"The ChristianOutdoorsmen serves as a brilliant model for churches...when planning an outreach to men."  Russell Thornburry Outdoors, TV

Father, James Hoalton


"The ChristianOutdoorsmen brought me back to church after years of being gone." 

Father and Woodsman

1-2-3 & A-B-C

1. Free Gear


We will bring at least $200. worth of giveaways.

Knives, hats, camping and other gear.

2. Speaker or Consultant


 We help YOU and YOUR event Win big!

Entertain and Challenge your guests or 

Help you plan and run a great event.

We offer peace of mind - Your can relax, knowing your event will be successful!! 

3. A-B-C to an Amazing Event


A. Pray and decide...

B. Schedule and share your hope/plan...

C. Relax, this will go great!

(Pastor Jeff is the one in the middle.)